I always knew I wanted to work with my hands. But even in the architecture department of a technical college there wasn't much emphasis laid on really using the materials, getting to know the processes and getting your hands dirty. So when I was hired as an on site architect at Centre for Vernacular Art, Bangalore, I was pleasantly surprised by how hands-on the approach was. Not just on one day of the week site visits, but everyday, with every material and all the steps and processes of construction.After I spent one such day applying mud grout on the walls of a site, I wanted to enjoy this meditative process some more and enrolled myself in a beginners' programme at Clay Station, Bangalore. 

I wish I could say the journey from discovering pottery to doing pottery for a living was as smooth but it was long and testing too. After searching many corners of the country, a friend introduced me to my mentor in Goa, Thomas Louis and I apprenticed with him for a year. 

With little backing or financial support, the need to make money was as urgent as my desire to do pottery full time. So I dove headlong into this sea! Buying small quantities of clay and making small things, asking other potters to fire my things in the gap between their pieces when they fire. I have bartered my time and skills for materials, taken workshops to earn space in studios, and tried not to let the lack of resources get in the way of my practice. I would like to believe that my practice is community driven but also independent. This beautiful art of making pottery has now connected me to some wonderful people artists, potters, thinkers and amateur practitioners of arts and my journey is also a reflection of these collaborations too. 

Clay as a material has made me humble and patient. And if we understand the processes involved in the making well enough, it is possible to carry your studio on your own person and improvise with bare minimum resources available. 

N I M M Y   J O S H I

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Born out of lack of space and resources, Nimmiatures is the pouring-out of heart and soul of someone who loves nature. Started as a solo venture and a nomadic practice by Nimmy in 2016, it is now a collective of Amateurs potters and students and specialises in making hand built forms of animals and birds and natural everyday oddities.